Domain Modelling

Prof. Dines Bjørner, The Technical University of Denmark
Chaired by
Dr DONG Jin Song, Professor, School of Computing

21 Sep 2023 Thursday, 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM

MR1, COM1-03-19

A terse survey is given -- with examples -- of a method: principles, procedures, techniques, and tools, for analysing & describing artefactual domains (such as (road, rail, sea, air) transport, pipelines, banking, nuclear power plants, retailing, urban planning, etc.). To analyse & describe such domains is, in a sense, to give syntax and semantics to the domain-specific verbs and nouns used by professional stakeholders of these, respective domains.

Dines Bjørner is professor emeritus at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of The Technical University of Denmark. Dines was with IBM 1962-1975 (Sweden, California, Switzerland and Austria), and professor at DTU since 1976. He was the first & founding UN Director of the UN University's International Institute for Software Technology, Macau, 1971-1997; was a cofounder of The Dansk Datamatik Center, an industry-funded R&D institute; of VDM, now Formal Methods, Europe. He is an ACM, IEEE, FME Fellow; has an M.Sc.EE ('62), a PhD CS ('69) and a Dr.Techn. (2021); is an emeritus member of IFIP Working Groups WG2.2 and WG2.3; has published 9 books, some 120+ papers, and lectured in the Far East since 1992. His main research interest in the last 30 years has been in domain modelling. His research has always been around `programming