Work Intensity, Coworkers' Cyberloafing, and Their Impacts on the Dynamic of Individuals' Cyberloafing Behavior: A Longitudinal Field Experiment

Liu Runfeng (PhD student)

  25 Feb 2020 Tuesday, 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

 SR8, COM1-02-08

Examiners: Assistant Professors Zhai Yingda and Um Sungyong


Cyberloafing, as a form of work deviant behavior, has caused great loss in employees' work productivity and imposed significant threat to organizations' information security. In this study, we specifically investigate the effect of two factors, namely work intensity and coworkers' cyberloafing, on employees' cyberloafing behavior. Drawing on social learning theory, we develop a conceptual model related to antecedents of employees' cyberloafing behavior. The proposed model is further tested through a quasi-experiment combined with surveys conducted in a large public organization. Our theoretical model shows that work intensity and coworkers' cyberloafing jointly affect employees' cyberloafing behavior. Overall, our research contributes to cyberloafing literature by shedding light on the dynamic of employees' cyberloafing behavior at workplaces.