If you're Not Writing a Program, Don't Use a Programming Language

Leslie Lamport, Distinguished Scientist, Microsoft
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Dr LEE Wee Sun, Professor, School of Computing

  16 Jan 2020 Thursday, 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM

 SR1, COM1-02-06

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Algorithms are not programs. They can and should be written with math rather than programming languages or pseudo-languages. This applies to many more algorithms than the ones taught in algorithm courses.

Leslie B. Lamport is an American computer scientist. Lamport is best known for his seminal work in distributed systems and as the initial developer of the document preparation system LaTeX. Leslie Lamport was the winner of the 2013 Turing Award for imposing clear, well-defined coherence on the seemingly chaotic behavior of distributed computing systems, in which several autonomous computers communicate with each other by passing messages. He devised important algorithms and developed formal modeling and verification protocols that improve the quality of real distributed systems. These contributions have resulted in improved correctness, performance, and reliability of computer systems.