Towards a Theory of Designing Technology-Based Interventions for Physical Activity

Ong Zhi Quan, Alfred (PhD student)
Contact Person
Dr TAN Swee Lin, Sharon, Senior Lecturer, School of Computing

  29 Nov 2018 Thursday, 12:00 PM to 01:30 PM

 Executive Classroom, COM2-04-02

Examiners: Assistant Professors Dr Isam Faik and Dr Lim Shi Ying


While the positive effects of physical activity on well-being have been well-documented, many people still exercise insufficiently. To address this issue, technology is increasingly used in interventions aimed to promote physical activity. However, current research on the interventions is atheoretical and overlooks individual variations in exercise motives and motivations that can change over time. Without a detailed understanding of these theoretical deficiencies, the potential factors of effective exercise interventions cannot be effectively isolated and tested. In response, this paper explicates a theoretical framework for designing technology-based interventions for exercise regulation and adherence. We explain and illustrate how, for every potential state of exercise regulation, the building and setting of intervention frames inform the selection of technology-based features to assemble an intervention platform. By making appropriate cues more accessible and available for each of the different states, the platform continuously supports the user as he becomes more autonomous in the self-regulation of his exercise behavior. Implications of the framework and future research avenues are also discussed.