From sensors to dashboards for lifelong learning for health and wellness

Professor Judy Kay
University of Sydney

Chaired by
Dr LIM Youliang, Brian, Assistant Professor, School of Computing

  12 Jul 2018 Thursday, 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

 Executive Classroom, COM2-04-02

This talk overviews several projects that have harnessed emerging sensors, transforming their data into dashboards. The sensors range from widely available physical activity trackers, such as Fitbits and phones, to ones that are still in the lab and those that facilitate explicit tracking by the user. The dashboards have aimed to make long-term data meaningful so that they can help people self-monitor, reflect and plan. A core focus of the underlying design has been to support "fair, accountable, transparent" data management and user control. Examples of their applicability range across areas of health, such as physical activity, nutrition and sleep to broader workplace collaboration.

Judy Kay is Professor of Computer Science. She leads the Human Centred Technology Research Cluster, in the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Sydney. Her own lab, CHAI, Computer Human Adapted Interaction Research Group, aims to create new technologies for human-computer interaction (HCI). A core focus of her research has been to create infrastructures and tools for personalisation, especially for lifelong, life-wide learning. Central to this has been in the design of user modelling systems and interfaces that enable people to control their own long-term personal information from diverse sensors on devices be they worn, carried, embedded in the environment or conventional desktops. Her research has been commercialised and deployed and she has extensive publications in leading venues for research in user modelling, AIED, human-computer interaction and ubicomp.