Visions of AI Futures

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Lynn Wong

  26 May 2018 Saturday, 08:15 AM to 03:45 PM

 SR1, COM1-02-06

For a long time, researchers did not make much progress in creating general and capable artificial intelligence agents. The field fragmented, and researchers specialised in subareas involving perception, reasoning, learning, representation, and related application areas. Recent progress in techniques, catalysed by the availability of large amounts of data and exponentially increasing computational resources, has brought astounding successes. Autonomous vehicles can now drive alongside humans in cities. An artificial intelligence programme has finally beaten the Go world champion. Computers can now match or exceed human performance in recognising faces and speech, and even translate languages well enough to be useful.

Given the progress, it is now timely to take a more unified view of AI. At this workshop, researchers across various AI subareas will share their research visions and the perspectives from their fields, offering participants insights into some of the impediments to achieving more capable AI systems.

The programme features talks by global leaders and experts in various AI areas, including members of AI Singapore's International Advisory Panel.

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Visions of AI Futures is a workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) co-organised by AI Singapore and NUS Computing.