National Olympiad in Informatics 2018 (NOI)

Contact Person
A/Prof TAN Sun Teck

  23 Feb 2018 Friday - 17 Mar 2018 Saturday (all day)

 SR1, COM1-02-06

The NOI Online Preliminary Contest is an optional contest for schools that have expressed interest in it. Participants would have to participate in this online contest under the supervision of a school representative as relevant rules from the actual NOI contest would still apply. Unlike the actual NOI, there are no restrictions on the number of participants from each school. However, this is also subjected to each school's internal arrangements.

Each participant of the NOI Online Preliminary Contest would receive a certificate of participation. NOI Committee will not be awarded any medals and other prizes for this contest.

It is strongly recommended for every participating school to register for the preliminary contest as a form of practice.

To register a school, a school representative should signup on this website and enroll all participants by 23 February 2018.

The deadline for doing so is 23 February 2018.

In order to participate, schools should agree to organise their students and conduct their contest in their labs with sufficient supervision. Schools would also be responsible for the installation of any software that might be required by their contestants. The NOI Committee would only be providing the contest interface and contest materials in soft copy.

23 February: Registration deadline for Online Preliminary Contest
3 March: NOI Online Preliminary Contest
7 March: Registration deadline for NOI
16 March: Registration and Practice Session
17 March: Contest and Award Ceremony

**Note that the venues and competition details mentioned below are subjected to changes. Please check back this page for updates. There will be a briefing before the actual NOI for any last minute changes if any.