A Brief Introduction to Data Privacy and Graph Query Processing

Associate Professor Xiaokui Xiao

Chaired by
Dr TUNG Kum Hoe, Anthony, Associate Professor, School of Computing

  24 Oct 2017 Tuesday, 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM

 SR1, COM1-02-06


This talk briefly introduces two research topics in data management: data privacy and graph query processing. In particular, data privacy concerns how we can share sensitive data with a third party without intruding individual privacy (e.g., sharing medical records with researchers while preserving the privacy of patients). Meanwhile, graph query processing concerns scalable and efficient techniques for handling queries (e.g., PageRank, SimRank, influence maximization) on massive networks (e.g., web graphs, social networks). For each topic, I will present the background, discuss some of my work, and conclude with future directions.


Xiaokui Xiao will be joining SoC in Jan 2018 as an associate professor. His research focuses on data management, especially data privacy and algorithms for massive data. He has published extensively in the major data management conferences and journals, and is serving as an associate editor for the International Journal on Very Large Data Bases (VLDBJ). Two of his papers were invited to the TKDE special issues on "The Best Papers of ICDE 2010" and "The Best Papers of ICDE 2015", respectively. More information about Xiaokui can be found at http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/xkxiao/.