Theory-driven Persuasive Diet-based Application Design for Diabetic Patients

Ms Qiu Lin (PhD Student)
Contact Person
Dr TAN Cheng Yian, Bernard, Shaw Senior Professor, School of Computing

  12 Oct 2017 Thursday, 02:30 PM to 04:00 PM

 Video Conference Room, COM1-02-13

EXAMINERS: Associate Professor Tan Chuan Hoo and Dr. Vaihbav Rajan


There are more than 415 million people suffering from diabetes worldwide and this number is increasing over time. This life-threatening condition results mainly from unhealthy diet and physical inactivity that can be self-managed by individuals. Thus, diabetic patients' self-management of their diet habits and lifestyle is critical for the control of diabetes. This paper identifies an important factor for diabetic patients during their process of dietary self-management (i.e., the dissonance diabetic patients encounter during the course of modifying unhealthy diet habit), based on the Trans-theoretical Model (TTM). Translating the suggestions of TTM into IT design, this paper proposes a theory-driven solution involving three important functions to address the problem: goal setting, social function, and dissonance-reduce food recommendation. The technical realization and evaluation of the solution is discussed in the end.